Standard Utility Flares are the most common and basic flare
designs. With a Dynamic Seal in the base of the tip to reduce purge gas costs and prevent flashback. Additionally, the special design of "Flare Technologies" SUT Tip Models allow more air draft and automatically mixed with flared gas to achieve better combustion at higher flow rate. This special design is also act as a wind shroud to protect the flame off at very low gas flow condition and provide stable combustion.


60-80% Smokeless Combustion without the
use of steam or blower for additional air
Simple Design
Cost Effective
Less Maintenance
Reliable Operation
Alloy steel construction


Dimension and Material:

2" – 72" Diameter
6 FT – 16ft
304 SS or 316 SS Lower Section
310 SS or Incoloy Turbo Tip Material



Oil and Gas
Chemical Production
Bio Gas Application